Exclusive Insight interview with Barak Barfi, Fellow with New America's International Security Program

Barak Barfi - Military relations between U.S. and Turkey

01 Nov 18

QUESTION: How do you view the military relationship between the U.S. and Turkey in Syria?

Barak Barfi - The Khashoggi Case

01 Nov 18

QUESTION: You wrote about the U.S.-Saudi relationship after Khashoggi, how do you think this affects the trilateral relationship between the U.S., Turkey, and Saudi Arabia?

Barak Barfi - The Importance of NATO

01 Nov 18

QUESTION: How important is it for the U.S. and Turkey to maintain a strong relationship in the interests of a strong NATO alliance, are both countries keeping in mind their respective interests?

Barak Barfi - Predictions for U.S.-Turkey Relations

01 Nov 18

QUESTION: Brunson, F-35, S400, are all points of contention between the U.S. and Turkey, do you predict we’ll see an improvement of relations after the release of pastor Brunson, maybe a solution to the F-35 delay in the new congress?

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