Exclusive Insight with Laura Batalla, Secretary General, European Parliament’s Turkey Forum

Laura Batalla is the Secretary General of the European Parliament’s Turkey Forum, a platform for high-level political discussion between European and Turkish officials, political decision-makers, experts and civil society actors. Prior to this position, she worked for several members of the European Parliament providing advice on different policy areas, allowing her to acquire a deep knowledge of EU policies and decision-making processes. She is also a political analyst and commentator, specializing in European affairs and EU-Turkey relations.

Secretary General Batalla – Turkey’s EU Accession Process

12 Mar 18

Would it be realistic to expect any new developments in Turkey’s accession process to the EU in 2018?

Secretary General Batalla – Turkey – EU Refugee Deal

12 Mar 18

The Turkey-EU refugee deal seems to be quite effective. Considering the overall political climate in EU, should we expect any changes or updates to this deal in 2018?

Secretary General Batalla – Turkey - EU Economic Relations

12 Mar 18

Can diplomatic disputes between Turkey and EU members states have any real impact on EU – Turkey economic relations in 2018?

Secretary General Batalla – EU – U.S. Relations

12 Mar 18

President Donald Trump's view of U.S - EU relations seem to differ from his predecessors. He has already illustrated this by backing-out of negotiations on the U.S. - EU trade agreement TTIP. Is the EU concerned about a slow diverge in its relations with the U.S.?

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