THO Exclusive Insight with Remi Hassoun (Syrian Activist)

Hassoun, a Syrian activist who left Syria at the start of the conflict, discusses the importance of education for displaced Syrians

Remi Hassoun – Experience accessing education in Turkey

28 Nov 17

Can you tell us about how you came to Turkey and your experience there trying to access education?

Remi Hassoun – Continuing higher education in the U S

28 Nov 17

When you came to the United States, what was your experience like trying to continue your education now that you had your high school diploma?

Remi Hassoun – The importance of getting higher education

28 Nov 17

Why do you want to make sure that you are able to continue your higher education rather than stopping with your high school diploma?

Remi Hassoun – What needs to be done to help displaced Syrians access higher education

28 Nov 17

In terms of what the international community and NGOs can do, what is it that you want to see done to create opportunities to continue your education?

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