Exclusive Insight with Major General Ahmet Bertan Nogaylaroglu (Ret.), Former Armed Forces Attache at the Turkish Embassy in Washington

Major General served in different segments of the Turkish Air Forces. After serving NATO’s mission in Italy, he was promoted to staff colonel and served in the office of the Secretary General of the Turkish Air Forces. Following his position as the Armed Forces Attaché at the Turkish Embassy in Washington, his last mission was as the Head of Department of Foreign Relations and International Cooperation in the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces.

General Nogaylaroglu – U.S. - Turkey Military Relations under NATO

06 Feb 18

What is your assessment of U.S. – Turkey military relations under NATO?

General Nogaylaroglu – Risk and Benefit of U.S. Working Directly with the Syrian Democratic Forces

06 Feb 18

What is the most important risk and benefit of U.S. working directly with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) instead of its NATO ally Turkey?

General Nogaylaroglu – Operation Olive Branch

06 Feb 18

Your thoughts on Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch and its implications?

General Nogaylaroglu – Tehran To Damascus – Preventing Iranian Influence

06 Feb 18

The U.S. seems to be concerned about the possibility of a belt of Iranian influence that stretches from Tehran through Baghdad and Damascus all the way to Beirut. What sort of military risk(s) would the U.S. be willing to take to prevent this Iranian influence?

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