Exclusive Insight with Jennifer Miel

Executive Director, U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s U.S.-Turkey Business Council

Jennifer Miel – Trade relationship of Turkey and U.S. in 2019

23 Jan 20

QUESTION: How was the trade relationship of Turkey and U.S. in 2019, do you think the trade volume has increased or decreased?

Jennifer Miel – Erdogan and Trump goal: 100 billion dollars trade volume

23 Jan 20

QUESTION: Given the fact that the presidents of U.S. and Turkey have set a goal to reach $100 billion, do you think it is possible to do so? If so, what must be done?

Jennifer Miel – U.S. - Turkey business community expectations from 2020

23 Jan 20

QUESTION: Given fast-moving developments in the bilateral relationship, what is the U.S.–Turkey business community prioritizing for 2020?

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